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Getting Attention

Woman with megaphone


Did I get your attention?

Someone said to me recently, ‘There is nothing more valuable than someone’s attention.’

It’s true isn’t it?

We were talking about voices on online courses that lose the learner’s attention because they are boring or robotic (or poor quality AI). Not what the learning designer wanted I’m sure…

But it got me thinking about attention.

Every advert wants your attention. Every social media post wants your attention. Every phone call, every radio station, every TV programme…..

Not to mention friends, family – and pets!

Our attention is important to other people, and there are lots of people competing for it.

As business owners we want people to pay attention to US – to our products and services. But how do we get their attention?

My dog is excellent at getting my attention. He’ll bark until I come and see what his problem is, or he’ll come and butt me with his head until I take my hands off the keyboard and take him out.

Both these methods are effective, but also quite annoying!

I don’t think any business wants to be remembered for being annoying…

So, what’s the best way of getting attention without, quite frankly, p*****g people off?

I think it’s by being helpful. By sharing value before you try and sell something. Give people a reason to listen to you by telling them something useful. And by making your content look good and sound good so that it’s memorable.

I can’t help you with the first bit because I’m not a graphic designer, videographer, photographer or one of those people that can make you/your business look good (though I know plenty of people who are these things so do ask me for recommendations). However, I CAN help you with the sounding good bit. 

Your voicemail greeting, the voice on the video that explains your product/service, the narration of your online course, the voiceover on an advert about your product on TV/radio/online – all of these need to grab (and keep) the listener’s attention.

If you need help with any of these, drop me a line and together we can explore how my voice might help get the attention of your customers.