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Throughout her career as a voiceover artist, Liz has had the pleasure of working on a variety of different audio recordings. Liz has the talent to deliver your script in a style to suit you and her voice has been used in projects in both the UK and across the globe. In the following links you can experience a range of audio recordings that Liz has produced as examples, to demonstrate how her voice can sound and to give a better understanding of the variety of voiceover services that she offers.

Here Liz has recorded some examples of commercials which could be used for TV, radio or internet adverts. These illustrate how her style of voice can change to portray the tone and feeling required.

Looking for an audio recording for your business? Here Liz demonstrates how she can be the trusted voice of your business with examples here including corporate, e-learning and explainer audio recordings.

In the following link, Liz demonstrates how her voice can be used to narrate audiobooks to capture the emotion and detail of each scene.

Liz demonstrates here some examples of the styles in which she can deliver your script which could be used for TV narration projects.

Previous clients have described her as friendly, reliable and a pleasure to work with and Liz takes pride in delivering an exceptional level of service with each audio recording produced. Liz will gladly provide free audio showreels to enable you to hear how her voice can bring credibility to your script. The trustworthy tone of Liz’s voice is naturally suited to explaining and reassuring, however, one of her more unusual audio recordings was when she was hired as the voice of Miss Moneypenny from James Bond. “Flattery will get you nowhere…. but don’t stop trying”.

To find out more about what Liz is currently working on and how she has helped previous clients, please follow her blog where she will keep you updated on past and present projects.

If Liz sounds like the right person to deliver your script, or you are interested in having a demo produced, please do not hesitate to get in contact.