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How Can a Voiceover Artist Help a Retail Business?

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How do voice over artists help retail businesses?

Well, there are a number of ways, but let me tell you a story to illustrate one way I’ve helped a local business owner in the last week.

I met Sean McCue at a networking meeting a year or two ago. He’s the owner of the McCue Group which includes House of McCue, a family firm of jewellers specialising in repairing, re-modelling, and creating bespoke jewellery. During the lockdown Sean was unable to open his premises to the public, but now that restrictions have lifted a little, he’s keen for customers to be able to visit his shop again.

However, things will not be as they were before COVID-19 hit us, and clients will now need to make an appointment.

Sean needed to get the booking information across to his customers before the shop re-opened, and he also wanted to tell them a little about the services House of McCue offer. Customers who were coming to him to have jewellery repaired or re-modelled, didn’t necessarily know that they can also have bespoke jewellery designed from scratch – and vice versa.

Sean decided that an easy way to deliver this information was in a recorded telephone message that all clients hear when they call House of McCue, but he wasn’t sure how to do this – and that’s when he called me.

We had a chat about the purpose of the message, and decided that the first thing clients needed to hear was an explanation as to how to book an appointment. Following this, would be a brief introduction to the services House of McCue offer, before the call was then answered by a member of staff. The first part of the message would be voice only, to make sure people could hear the appointment booking instructions clearly, but for the second part of the message we chose some appropriate background music to reflect the classy nature of the business.

Sean also decided to have an out of hours message, and a closed for holidays message recorded at the same time – again including the appointment system information and details about the services offered.

In less than 24 hours the scripts were written, recorded, music added, and messages delivered to Sean ready to be used on his phone system.

House of McCue were able to re-open to the public with their new booking system in place, and this local business (which has been established over 70 years), is once again welcoming customers.

To hear the message yourself (or to make an appointment) call 01472 812299

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