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How did I come up with my logo?

Liz Drury Voiceovers logo and tag line
At a recent Latte & Live networking meeting, attendees were asked to discuss subliminal messages in our logos. I wasn’t sure there was anything subliminal in mine (or not on purpose at least), but people were interested to hear the story behind my branding so I thought I would share it here too…
Obviously my logo is my name, but the font is very close to the way I actually write. We were taught quite an old fashioned style of joined up script with lots of loops at my primary school, and my hand writing hasn’t changed much since then.
My tag line came about when I was doing a branding exercise and writing down things about myself. I always wear dangly earrings, and as I wrote that down I had a lightbulb moment! Easy on the ears seemed a perfect description of how I would like people to perceive my voice – and I also think I’m pretty easy to work with too (maybe that’s the subliminal message!).
The little green thing hanging off the letter L is supposed to be an earring, though a lot of people mistake it for a microphone – which works just as well.
The dot above the I is in the shape of a diamond, because alongside my dangly earrings I always wear a pair of diamond studs that my husband gave me before we were married.
Finally the teal green colours are shades that I wear a lot, and I think they have a calming feeling – which hopefully is like my voice (another subliminal message perhaps).
I would love to know if there is a story behind your logo too.