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The Grey Lady of Barton Ghost Walk

The Grey Lady

We are definitely into Autumn now with the shorter days and all the leaves falling off the trees. I’m very grateful as we head towards the winter that I have a cosy recording booth to work from. If I’m in there I don’t need the heating on – it’s such a small space that my body heats it up quite comfortably. Working in there is a good way to save on the heating bills… I only notice how chilly it is when I step outside of it!

During the autumn and winter months I get to put on my other persona once a month – the Grey Lady of Barton. This is now my 8th season of leading the Barton-upon-Humber Ghost Walk, which always starts on Halloween and then runs monthly until March. Although I lead the walk and tell many of the ghost stories, there are a number of other actors, who come out along the way, dressed in period costume, to tell their tales too, plus a number of special effects and surprises.

We are all members of the South Bank Players, and all volunteers, which is how we manage to put on the walk for just £5 per person when there are 10+ people involved in putting it on. Imagine if we all had to be paid?!

The Ghost Walk in Barton has been going over 20 years now, and we still get an audience. It always amazes me when local people say they’ve never been, or have never heard about it before. Some months are better than others in terms of audience size, and the nights when it’s slinging down with rain, or snowing tend to be less well attended, but we always show up just in case…

Over the years more stories have been added as local people tell us about other ghosts in the town that they know about. Although I joined the cast back in 2009, and have been leading the walk since 2015, I’ve never seen one of the ghosts I talk about. However, my husband thinks he has heard one of them.

My husband also takes part in the walk – a non-speaking role as he’s not an actor – and he has a special companion – our dog Marble. They are both dressed as skeletons and run past the crowd!

I love being the Grey Lady, even though it can be freezing cold (and wet). I wear lots of layers under my Victorian costume, but my cloak is not as good as having a modern coat on! I always forget about being uncomfortable when we meet up in the pub at the end of the walk though. I have to say that sometimes we get some odd looks from other drinkers when we walk in with our white faces and costumes!

To find out when our next walk is visit – I would love to see you there (if you dare!).