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Videos to welcome and inform

Liz Drury Voice Over Artist in front of a brick wall.

Video content, as I’m sure you know, has become more and more popular over the last few years, and shows no signs of going away.

Website videos that explain or promote your products or services can be quite an investment. Your website is effectively your shop window, so you want whatever is on there to be the best quality possible – and good quality isn’t usually cheap. A homemade video with scratchy sound and wobbly footage is not likely to attract customers and may even put them off…

Videos for social media on the other hand can be a bit more rough and ready. It’s perfectly fine to film something on your phone and upload it – though if you want the audio to sound good you either need to be close to your phone, (which may not be possible), or you need an external microphone. And if you want to eliminate camera wobble, which can be annoying to the viewer, you might want to buy a tripod to fix your phone to. So, although much cheaper than investing in a corporate-type video, it’s not without expense.

There are other places that video might be useful too. For example, did you know that it’s possible to upload a video to your Zoom waiting room (if you have a paid account)? While your attendees are waiting to be let into your meeting, they could be watching a video about you and what you offer. They’re a captive audience so use that opportunity!

If you are running an event and promoting it via Eventbrite, you can add video content to tell people more about your event and encourage them to sign up.

If you have an online course or a membership hosted on a platform such as MemberVault, Kajabi etc, consider having a welcome video to tell people what they can expect. Even if there is no more video content after that, members will appreciate that introduction and it gives your course or membership a professional feel.

Not everyone feels comfortable in front of a camera, or confident about speaking into a microphone however, but this something I can help with.

If you’ve got video footage, or photos that illustrate what you do, I can help you make these into a video with a voiceover to explain or promote your offer – you don’t need to be on camera and you don’t have to speak!

If this sounds interesting to you, then please drop me an email and we can have a chat

If on the other hand, you’ve got the confidence and the equipment to do this yourself, let me know where you’ve used video content and how it has worked for you – I’d love to know!