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Here is a rough guide to my prices:


Corporate narration – £250 Basic Studio Fee (BSF) plus usage where applicable. This varies depending on where the audio will be used, how long for, expected audience size etc and is calculated as a % of the BSF.

E-learning – 20p per word including editing and file splitting where required.

TV commercials – I base my fees on my BSF plus usage, which is calculated using

Radio commercials – Equity rates where applicable

Telephony/IVR – £60 for the first message (up to 100 words), £10 for any additional messages recorded in the same session, £50 for addition of music to on-hold messages.

Audiobooks – £200 per finished hour

Studio hire – £60 per hour

I’m always happy to chat about budgets as I know not every client is the same and every project is different!