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Stop repeating yourself

Repeating pattern

Stop repeating yourself!

Do you often find yourself saying the same things over and over again?

I know I do!

There are two things that I’m known for when it comes to my business. The first is I’m known for being a voiceover artist. I record voiceovers for videos, training courses, phone systems, adverts and more. The second thing I’m known for is for loving a bit of networking!

In both cases I get asked to share my knowledge. People who are interested in getting into voiceover want to pick my brains about how I got started so that they can follow the steps themselves, and other voiceover artists who know that I’ve gained new clients through networking want to know about how they can network effectively too.

I’m always happy to chat to people to see how I can help them using what I know, but it can get a bit wearing answering the same questions over and over again.

So I have created some materials to help!

For the people who want to know how to get started in voiceover I’ve written an ebook which can be downloaded from my website for a very small fee. It contains all the information I wish I’d had when I was starting out.

For the voiceover artists (and other creatives) who want to learn how to network the right way, I’ve created an online course called Business Networking Knowhow which takes you from zero to networking superhero!

Now when people approach me I can point them in the direction of this content, and if they’ve still got questions once they’ve consumed it then I’m happy to have a chat . By this point though, it’s likely that people have got different, more specific questions and answering those is much more interesting than repeating myself!

What do you get asked all the time? Could you create some assets that would save you time in the long run and prevent the need to repeat yourself all the time?

Maybe you’ve got some knowledge that you currently share with people for free, but if you created an online course with it, you could actually monetise that knowledge? If you know this is something you should be doing, but you don’t have the confidence (or the equipment) to narrate your videos/slides yourself, let’s have a chat and see if using my voice would help.

Or perhaps like me you could create an ebook, or even a physical book and monetise your knowledge that way? And if you decide you’d also like an audio version of your book, let me know – I can help you with that.

Once you’ve got your materials created they are evergreen content that you can share again and again, but because you’re not having to physically speak the words out loud over and over again – it doesn’t feel like repeating yourself anymore!